Despite the fact that you have had your car regularly serviced, you may have to replace your car's battery, and yes, it is one month out of guarantee, so the cost is for your account.

Your response may be that the manufacturers have perfected the art of making a ‘one month out of guarantee period’ battery. The other thing that may upset you is that someone you know happens to be lucky, because they never service their car, and the battery is still going strong long after the guarantee period. Is this luck? Do manufacturers actually abuse consumers? Is it maybe the lack of servicing competence that reduces the life of the lead acid starter battery?

Let us start with how the battery is assaulted by the user or workshop:

1. Filling the cells with water that isn't distilled.
2. Over or under filling of the electrolyte.
3. Overcharging by the alternator.
4. Fast charging in the workshop..
5. Loosening the terminals using one spanner instead of two.
6. Not being securely clamped down.
7. Overloading the power capacity.
8. Deep cycling.

Evidence of this abuse will be reflected in the following ways:

1. Electrolyte leakage from the cell caps.
2. Electrolyte deposit around the battery posts.
3. Bulged battery case ends.
4. Incorrect electrolyte level.
5. Discoloured electrolyte.
6. Cracked battery casing.
7. Impacted battery posts.
8. Low Specific Gravity readings.
9. Reduced Amp/Hour capacity.
10. Reduced service life.

Most of these items can be checked visually and hence the non-technical person can easily ascertain whether they have been a victim of abuse. The full service life of a battery will only be achieved if it has been properly cared for.

Save yourself money and inconvenience by ensuring that your servicing workshop is not assaulting your vehicles