An Afrikaans adage that is more applicable today than ever. Serious purchases of quality products are not conducted at traffic intersections. In this context, surely you would not trust the repairs of your hi-tech vehicle to anyone less than a specialist?

The modern vehicle can no longer be "tuned up" with a spanner and screwdriver. Timing, fuel mixture, fuel octane rating and idle speed are adjusted using software and a diagnostic machine or laptop computer. The ignition system no longer has high tension wires or a distributor and this necessitates the use of specialised motor testers. Even the humble exhaust system now contains an oxygen sensor and catalytic converter which renders the old carbon monoxide exhaust gas tester redundant.

A four gas exhaust analyser is now a necessary piece of equipment. A trained and qualified technician is required to evaluate the results from these sophisticated test machines to provide the motorist with the most economical repair or tune up possible.

So how do the "goedkoop" operators function you may ask? In the absence of modern diagnostic equipment and a competent technician, guesswork is the order of the day and parts are tampered with or changed unnecessarily until the problem is reduced or resolved. The customer pays for the extended hours and unnecessary parts or both. Quality also suffers because without the correct engine and exhaust gas diagnostics, the original vehicle performance cannot be achieved.

You can avoid delays, disappointment and unnecessary expense by checking whether your repair facility has:

1. An analyser for distributor free ignition systems
2. A diagnostic computer analyser for your particular vehicle
3. An exhaust gas analyser capable of reading at least three gasses
4. A qualified technician that has been updated in technical training
5. A workshop that meets these requirements is adequately equipped to provide the most cost effective and reliable repair to your modern vehicle. Of course we at Tomson Motors exceed these requirements.
6. Aquaplaning – worn tyres and tyre bounce results in tyres skimming the film of water on the road. This results in total loss of steering and braking control.
7. Component wear – excessive movement in the suspension and steering components results in unnecessary and dangerous wear which can result in component failure.
8. Headlight dazzle - bouncing of the vehicle results in headlights blinding oncoming traffic.
9. Fatigue – worn shocks require drivers to be extra vigilant when steering, which can cause unnecessary fatigue and loss of concentration.

If you suspect you might have worn shocks, or haven't had them tested recently, contact Tomson Motors today and we will gladly assist.