You may well ask if it makes sense to take your car for a regular lubrication service.

Your car may be going well, so, why be inconvenienced by being without your transport while it is being serviced. Then of course there is the issue of having to pay for work that was done, but there was nothing wrong with the car in the first place!

The need for a lubrication service is neither a myth nor a rip off. The oil has to lubricate, clean and cool the engine components. A comparison could be made with a dishwasher. If no detergent was used and the water was recycled instead of being drained, the dishes would be soiled and useless.

We recycle oil from the engine, and use a filter to remove the particle contaminants. The detergents, lubricating properties and viscosity, however, become expended over a certain time. Using expended oil will allow the numerous engine parts to wear excessively and thereby reduce the life of the engine!

The ideal time for a lubrication service is when the filter is full of particles and the oil properties have been expended. During the service, the contaminated oil filter will be changed and the expended engine oil will be replaced with new oil of the correct qualities.

Failure to execute the service is false economy because the necessary repairs that will occur prematurely will cost far more than the lubrication services.


1. You cannot extend the life of an engine.
2. You will however reduce the life expectancy by avoiding lubrication services.
3. To get maximum engine life, use the correct filter and grade of oil.
4. To get peace of mind and the desired results, use a competent workshop.

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