Yes, that is exactly what has become of the car servicing arena. Car systems have become complicated, qualified staff are almost extinct and workshops in every suburb are offering low priced servicing.

How are these low prices possible you may well ask? Qualified men will not accept a reduction in salary, original parts suppliers will not discount their parts nor will oil companies reduce the price of their premium products. The solution for unethical operators is to use unqualified cheap labour, substitute parts of unproven reliability and recycled oil. Further price reductions are possible by omitting to change the necessary parts at the specified intervals.

Why pay to have the reliability of your car compromised? If you want to lower costs, it is better not to do the service at all. You will then have saved 100% and still have an unreliable car.

How does this inferior type of service affect the car and its owner? It simply costs more in the longer term and reduces the car’s reliability. One example is an inferior spark plug - this could cause cracked piston rings and this will greatly reduce the service life of the engine. When the engine has to be prematurely overhauled at great expense, no one will reflect back on the inferior spark plugs that caused the problem, and the repair bill is for your account.

The manufacturer does extensive research on oils, coolant additive, filters, belts, spark plugs, ignition components, brake linings and many other service parts to provide maximum reliability and service life at minimum cost. When the service is due, it means that the lubricants and fluids are expended and certain parts are now unreliable and likely to cause a breakdown. To gain the maximum service life at the most economical cost your car needs to have its major services on time, and the service needs to be done properly using qualified people fitting the correct parts and lubricants.

Use a reputable workshop and ask to see the technicians’ qualifications if in doubt. Query prices by all means but do not accept cheap parts or lubricants, it will only cost you more in the long run.

Tomson Motors is franchised, has a good reputation, has a very high percentage of qualified trained technicians, uses modern equipment and fits only approved parts. We can therefore offer the motorist guaranteed work at an economical price.